Agricultural Assistance 2023: Relief for Crop Damage Due to Maavatha Announced

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Krishi Sahay 2023, Krushi Sahay Yojana: The Gujarat state government has taken steps to help farmers affected by unseasonal rains in various regions. Compensation will be given to those whose crops have been negatively affected. Learn about assistance program details and how to request assistance.

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The onslaught of untimely rains has damaged farmers’ crops in Gujarat, resulting in significant economic losses. To help these farmers, the Gujarat government has announced assistance in the form of a compensation package to alleviate their distress. This analysis will go into the specifics of the package, such as eligible crops, the amount of assistance provided and the application submission process.

Crop loss package announced due to unseasonal rains

The Gujarat government has come up with a special assistance package for farmers who have been affected by unseasonal rains in several districts which have caused significant losses. Small-scale farmers are being hit hard, the compensation package is meant to help them recover from heavy damage and losses to their crops.

Cover crops and support provided

Crops affected by unseasonal rainfall in agriculture and rain-fed horticulture industries will be compensated. Each farmer Rs. may be eligible for 13,500 per hectare with an additional bonus of Rs. 9,500, a total of Rs. 30,600 per hectare. This assistance is capped, however, at a maximum of Rs. 1 hectare per account for agriculture and rainfed horticulture crops and Rs. 0.50 ha per account for perennial horticultural crops.

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Application Process

Farmers must provide the required documents to apply for the compensation package, including the designated application form, village sample number 8-A for palm plantation pattern/village sample number, and 7-12 land records. Filled form and supporting documents should be sent to Taluka Development Officer. Once the application is reviewed, the eligible farmers will get their compensation directly deposited into their bank accounts.

Districts and Talukas are covered

The compensation package will cover farmers in a total of 48 talukas in 13 districts of Gujarat, providing assistance to those who have faced the most significant impacts due to unseasonal rains.

The compensation package announced by the Gujarat government for farmers devastated by the unexpected rains is a much-needed solution to ease their plight. It is a relief for them, as it will provide them financial support to come out of the disaster. Farmers can access the package by following the application process and get proper compensation.

Krushi Sahay Yojana (FAQ’s)

Who qualifies for Krishi Sahay 2023 and what does it actually involve?

Gujarat farmers facing crop damage due to untimely rains can get help from Krishi Sahay 2023 programme. The program provides seasonal assistance to farmers living in 48 taluks of 13 districts of Gujarat.

At what time was the package announced?

Crops were damaged due to unseasonal rains, which led to the announcement of the package in March 2023.

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